TELL JESUS (To Come To My House) Livingston Taylor

Could you imagine a Greater Blessings video or slide show asking the audience,  "Can you bring Jesus by?"

I can’t move.

I can’t get out of this chair.
There are people gathering down the road but I can not join them
My spirit is so heavy.
My heart is so low.
Although I wish to be among them I can’t find a way to go.

So if you are with them
could I ask you a favor please?
A simple request on my behalf
when you are down upon your knees

Tell Jesus to come to my house
Tell Jesus to knock on my door
There has been so much suffering
That we need him like never before
Chilly Jordan a-rock my soul

Oh Gabriel stand at my side
I burnt my youth looking for some truth
Now I need them along for the ride

He can come in the daylight
For the whole wide world to see
He can come in the middle of the night
When there’s nothing but the darkness and me
Come from the west in the morning
With the full sun on his face
Come to my house in the afternoon
Fill my life with his grace


He can come in the spring time
When the world gets fresh and new
Shoulder to the wheel in the blazing sun
When there’s so much left to do
Come in the fall when the cold winds call
And life dries up and blows away
Came to us on that dark winter night
With the promise of a brand new day


We are seen in all our need
We will be heard, we can believe
One by one we are a chain
That brings us back to love again
Love is grace that lets us be
Forgiven and completely free
Good prevails and hope is true
Gods favorite miracle is you

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