Little things mean a lot (Part 3)

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

More sharing of free/super inexpensive ways we’re spreading the message about The Fuller Center for Housing: Today, it’s something you’ll find on YouTube … and linked to from our website and Facebook page.

It’s a short video making use of what’s known as kinetic typography or motion typography or something to that extent. I just call it one cool thingamajiggy as we say down here in Georgia. OK, not everyone around here talks like I do (though everyone should).

It was produced by Kelli Yoder. Kelli was a communications specialist at The Fuller Center but left a few months before I arrived. (She must have heard I was interested in the director of communications job!)

Though Kelli was busy at Elon University working on her master’s, she contacted me and wanted to see if she could put any of the new skills she was learning to use on a volunteer basis to help us spread awareness. I said something to the extent of, “Hot diggity dog, you sure can!” and one of the things she came up with was this video.

It succinctly explains the general concept of our Save a House/Make a Home initiative. She could have made a loooooong video explaining all the details of working with banks and financial institutions and such, but what she does in less than 90 seconds here is what we truly need to build this very needed initiative.

We need to simply let the world know that there are too many unwanted vacant houses and many decent families who could use them. It just makes no sense to us to have families unable to find decent housing when there are millions of vacant properties that banks and other folks simply don’t want anymore.

And this very short video sums it all up. Thanks, Kelli!






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