Be the light that shines

By Kelsey Correa
2012 Bicycle Adventurer

Be a light and let the whole world see;this is what I strive to be.

It’s funny; we talk so much about how we really stand out when we’re wearing our Fuller Center jerseys or our Fuller Center t-shirts because they’re both bright orange. Trust me, they definitely do the job of making us stand out! We have people starring at us (okay, maybe looking at us a little funny when all 12 of us are wearing them at the same time) and coming up to ask us questions. Let’s just say, we are really drawing attention to ourselves when we wear these bright shirts to represent the Fuller Center. We are even standing out in a big city full of people going every which way. As we rode through Washington, DC yesterday to get to our next destination, Alexandria Virginia, a few of us were stopped at a red light. As we were waiting there, a man from the construction site next to us came over to ask us our story. The usual questions are; where are we going? How far are we going? What exactly are we doing? Of course we always enjoy telling them we’re biking all the way to Key West, Florida. Mostly to receive a response of their jaws dropping open, which we all love to see. We then take every chance we can to really explain what we’re doing and the reason behind this bike adventure. We explain the Fuller Center and what it’s all about, how we’re biking to raise awareness and to actually help build houses along the way to help eliminate poverty housing.

Personally though, I always try to include that it’s a Christian ministry. God’s the one doing the real work behind the whole thing. He always provides and ultimately He’s done the most important job, He’s done a work in our hearts for us to want to give and help people in need. He’s taught us to be humble and selfless, to put others before ourselves, to be servants for Him. It’s amazing to be a part of such a wonderful Christian ministry non-profit organization. It’s a blessing to help carry on the great works of Millard and Linda Fuller, to lend a helping hand and to be a part of such an amazing group of people who all have the same heartbeat for serving. However, the biggest opportunity I saw when signing up was really the chance to share God’s love and to be that light and witness to the world. As Jesus said, “Let your light shine before men, that they may see you good deeds and praise your father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16. As I’m sure the other riders feel as well, I want to not only help build and repair their homes, but to also help build their walks and faith in the Lord.

As we wake up in the morning and put our bright orange jerseys on we not only stand out, but we stand proud to be a part of the Fuller Center and to represent them. However, regardless of the clothes we need to remember what’s most important, that we’re also representing Christ. So my prayer is that we all take every opportunity to share God’s love and to be a witness for Him, to be that light that shines, in and out of our bright orange jerseys.


Speaking of being a light …


  • All things are possible thru Him!! Kelsey – thanks for sharing your inspirational message. Keep up the good work and ride strong! Best/Doug

  • Bless you all for doing this great work physically and spiritually. You will leave seeds that will grow in the hearts of many! So proud to know you!!


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