Let's go to camp in Minden!

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

This past weekend, I had a moment to kayak around a little Middle Georgia lake. I was telling my colleague Brenda Barton about it yesterday and said I should strap a kayak to the roof of our van when The Fuller Center team heads from Americus to Minden, La., next month for the Millard Fuller Legacy Build since so many of us volunteers will be housed in cabins at the Caney Lakes just above Minden.

Brenda pointed out that there was no need since there are plenty of canoes and such at the camp. I then realized just how unique this setting is for a build.

Not only will we be building in a relatively small town of just over 13,000 people, but most of the volunteers will be housed in cabins at a camp nestled among the wooded hills and 350 acres of beautiful lakes and bayous. And housing at the cabins is free for volunteers with space still available.

We still need volunteers to join us. I think when people take a look at the wonderful opportunity to help families get simple, decent homes in Minden and then relax at the end of the day on the beautiful banks of the Caney Lakes (or ON the lakes if I get my way), we shouldn’t have much trouble getting a few more folks to sign up. It’s going to be an economical trip with priceless memories. Can’t beat that!

The deadline to register for the fun is Sept. 16. Click here to join us!

Click here to take a look at and learn about the Caney Lakes area.

This is a chance for us grown folks to revisit those “Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda” camp days of our youth. Of course, now we don’t have to write letters back home; we can just text. And we don’t have to pull off silly camp pranks like dipping someone’s hand in water to make them wet the bed. Unless, of course, Little Roy Fountain shows up at this camp … in which case I am soooooo getting him back!

Also, check out this short video Brenda provided yesterday of Glen Barton and Webster Parish Fuller Center Director Charlie Park inviting workers to Minden. The video was shot this summer, shortly before Glen’s untimely death last month

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