Leonard Pope and a bundle of hope

By Chris Johnson
Director of Communications

It’s been another day of heroic efforts with a lot to buzz about at the Fuller Center’s headquarters in Americus.

The morning started with a meeting of the Board of Directors. After hearing from Fuller Center leadership and contributing their thoughts, the ambitious board left the office with a collective sense of excitement about the center’s work in the next year and beyond. Ah, a Board of Directors meeting with a lot of smiles. Nice!

A couple of major notes concerning the Fuller Center Bike Adventure:

Today, we reached and exceeded our goal of raising $15,000 to recoup the cost of replacing the van lost in last Tuesday’s crash. A $5,000 pledge from Hub Erickson put us over the top. Also, we learned that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Leonard Pope, the honorary chairman of this year’s Bike Adventure, saved a child from drowning this past weekend. And we thought all the excitement surrounding the Adventure would be ON the bikes, not away from them!

Click here to read more about Leonard’s heroism and see his conversation with ESPN.

Be sure to check out the news story about our efforts to restore the tornado-ravaged community of McDonald Chapel and the accompanying video so well edited by my brilliant colleague Leah Gernetzke, who knows almost as much about techie stuff as I do about "The Andy Griffith Show." I know, hard to believe!

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