Kinston, North Carolina

Lenoir County Fuller Center for Housing

518 Plaza Blvd.

Kinston, NC 28503


Director: Josiah Corrigan

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Grace Fellowship Youth Program working on current renovation project with Lenoir County Fuller Center for HousingLenoir County Fuller Center for Housing was founded in April of 2009 in Kinston, NC to provide sustainable housing solutions in Lenoir County for individuals in need of rehabilitation services on existing homes. Lenoir County located in the eastern part of the state has a population of just over 58,000 with a significant number of rehabilitation assistance needed homes. For the past three decades, Lenoir County’s population and economy have been stagnant due to a combination of factors: an eroding tax base, reduced educational opportunities, increasing numbers of low-to moderate-income families.

Lenoir County Fuller Center for Housing will partner with several other organizations to be able to work as a broader initiative for families in need by concentrating on the Greater Blessing Box repair program.  


Lenoir County Fuller Center for Housing continues work on 2 major renovations that will provide permanent housing for two low income families in the Kinston, North Carolina area. These homes are going through major renovations and are in need of donations and volunteers to help complete the work. If you would like to be part of helping make a difference and would like to volunteer on these projects please contact Justin Davis at or call (252) 523-5107.