Legacy Build volunteer interviewed on D.C. radio

WTOP News Radio
Washington, D.C.

President and CEO of Vinyl Siding Institute, Inc., Jery Y. Huntley, donated her time as well as VSI Certified Vinyl Siding to the Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2010. She brought along a crew of VSI Certified Trainers to work on the new homes and help other volunteers correctly hang siding.

WTOP caught up with her the week of the build.

Click here to listen to a clip from the radio show.

And read the story via WTOP here.

Huntley has volunteered for 15 years.

"As much as we miss Millard, it helps to know that he has inspired several generations to continue building quality homes for those that need it most." 

You can read more about Fuller Center and VSI partnership here.

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