LEGACY BUILD 2014: Local house co-captain benefits from veterans

The 2014 Millard Fuller Legacy Build will bring more than 125 people to Louisville to renovate six homes in the Shawnee neighborhood of the city. That group includes several house captains, mostly veterans of multiple Fuller Center for Housing builds.

There also will be a contingent of locals from Louisville who want to continue the resurrection of the Shawnee area. Among those is Kevin Young, and he is the only local who will be serving as a co-captain on one of the houses.

“I’ve been working around in the development community for 20 years,” said Young, owner of Land Design & Development in Louisville. “I’ve never volunteered on any event of this scale.”

Yet, he jumped at the opportunity to be a house leader on this build for the same reason he joined the Fuller Center of Louisville’s board of directors, on which he serves as vice-president.

“In working with (Fuller Center of Louisville Executive Director) Steve Marillia in the past, he had an opportunity to explain their goals and mission, and it sounded exciting,” Young said.

Young spoke Friday while returning from a final Legacy Build planning session, which included several build leaders, including The Fuller Center’s Brenda Barton and veteran house captains Charlie Thell, Steve Lumpp and Tim DuBois, among others. The veterans’ presence in Louisville in advance of the build eases any concerns Young may have had about the upcoming week.

“I just went through a briefing with Tim (DuBois), and it’s very helpful,” he said. “These guys know what they’re doing. I feel pretty comfortable. He says I have good out-of-town house captains coming, so we’ve just got to get our heads together and make sure we’re going in the same direction. It’s going to take good communication with the team to make sure it’s a very efficient build. We don’t have any time to mess around.”

Marrillia said more local volunteers are encouraged to help out with the build and are encouraged to call him at 502-693-2216 or email marrillia1@aol.com. While these weeklong builds involve a flurry of activity and multitasking, his calm voice bears no hint of concern. That’s partly because everything is in place from materials to solid leadership for the week to go off without a hitch. But there’s another reason, Marrillia says resolutely:

“God’s in control.”

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