Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2010 – HAPPENING NOW!

Before the residents of the Fountain Square Neighborhood in Indianapolis, Ind. had time to begin their Labor Day festivities, the walls were up on eight brand new homes and 15 renovation projects are now fully underway.

Thousands of volunteers across the country are swinging their hammers this week as the Fuller Center Millard Fuller Legacy Build is officially launched.

Watch a VIDEO of Linda Fuller’s introduction to the week here.

More than 300 are gathered in Indianapolis, Ind., the hub of the activity happening in 45 Fuller Center locations throughout the world. By the week’s end more than 100 simple, decent homes will be built, repaired or dedicated–24 of them in Indy.

The activity began over the weekend with the Miracle Mile Parade (view photos) and a welcome dinner.

“Brothers and sisters, this is a family reunion,” President David Snell said as he greeted the room full of volunteers. “We’re going to have a great week."

The mayor of Indianapolis, Greg Ballard, also attended Sunday’s dinner.

"You’re going to make a difference for generations to come," Mayor Ballard said, addressing the volunteers. "I thank all of you for making this a reality and for coming to this great city. Enjoy it."

“Every penny donated to this project has gone into building houses,” Chuck Vogt, president of the Fuller Center of Central Indiana, said. “And we’re acting on faith that the rest of what we need will come in.”

Consider donating to the build now. Each dollar will go directly to transforming the Fountain Square neighborhood. Click to donate!

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