The Last Long Day

by Michael Lamorgese

Today was the last long day of this 9 week adventure. It is truly amazing to reflect on everything I have experienced on this trip. The first day I was so nervous and felt as though I could die because I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. Nine weeks later, with one day left, there is not one word that can describe what we experienced throughout this cross country bycicle adventure.

Some days while on the bycicle we have strong head winds, sometimes climbing mountains, but with all of this comes the beauty of nature, hearing and feeling wind, but not being able to physically see it.
But at the end of the day we all reflect on the crazy adventure, whether it be the rocks all over the roads, bugs hitting our faces, or even just seeing Tom doing his dance at the rest stops.
It’s going to be bittersweet when we see the Pacific tomorrow; it’ll be so great to see that ocean after 3600 miles of bike riding, 45 days later. But, living every second of our lives with all these

amazing people I can call my family, it is going to be extremely hard to say goodbye to everyone. Although we started as strangers, we now know whose clothes are whose after washing their laundry, know who eats what at dinner, as well as who will be late to breakfast even though we are told the time to eat the night before.
The relationships I have made will never be forgotten, and I’m excited to see the Pacific with them so we can share the amazing experience crossing the USA on a bycicle and arriving to our destination, from coast to coast. 

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