It's ladies day at the Fuller Center

It’s ladies day here! That’s right, all day long at the Fuller Center for Housing, ladies get in free! Well, it’s closing time now, so you missed your chance.

Kirk Lyman-Barner has been in Tampa speaking at a conference today, David Snell is delivering a trailer to our Bike Adventure team, and Ryan and Allen are riding bikes somewhere in Montana or Idaho or Finland or something like that.

Which means that, other than a brief visit from guru of graphics Richard Aguirre, I’ve been the man of the house here. I know, scary huh? Even the unofficial Fuller Center mascot, some cat named, um, something, is a female. My colleague Erica Moody informs me that most calico cats are female. Figures. I could have sworn that cat rolled its eyes at me this morning like other women do.

I did get to spend a long time discussing our website with computer wiz Indra Palmer, communications wiz Faith Fuller and everything wiz Leah Gernetzke. Apparently, this thing I’ve been typing on is called a computer. I thought it was a television with a keyboard. No wonder this remote control isn’t working!

We’re not gonna overhaul the Fuller Center website, but we’re gonna keep working to add more news, more blogs, more photos and more interaction. We want to make it as easy as possible for supporters, volunteers, homeowners and everyone else to use our website.

If you’ve got ideas that could improve our website, do let us know.

Right now, being the man of the house, I’ve been told I’ve got to go deal with a mouse! Seriously!

Isn’t this something a calico cat could handle?


One Comment

  •  One of my favorite things about the internet is that we can actually talk back now!  And like Chris said, we want as many Fuller Center friends as possible to participate with us on and off the job site.  If you have a great volunteer experience, we want to hear about it.  Our guestbook is a great place to do that.  Or if you’ve been on a Global Builder’s trip, upload your photos and tell us about it on the Global Builder’s blog.  Our Facebook page is also a great way to interact with us.  And Chris has been doing a jam-up job of keeping the Fuller Center General Blog updated and he loves people to respond and interact (especially if it’s something nice about him). 😉

    So stay tuned for more fun things to be added to the website and check back often!  Thank you Chris for keeping us all fully entertained, inspired and up to date on all the great happenings at The Fuller Center.


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