Kirk Lyman-Barner named Director of U.S. Field Operations

Since The Fuller Center for Housing’s ministry was founded, Glen Barton has played an essential role, demonstrating a tireless commitment to eliminating poverty housing, to Covenant Partners throughout the U.S., and, most notably, to homeowner families.  

So when Barton unexpectedly passed away Sunday, August 14, at the age of 61, The Fuller Center lost not only a diligent worker with extensive knowledge, but also a friend and partner.

"Glen knew our covenant partners better than anyone.  He was their counselor and guide,” The Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell said. “Now we look to the future and seek ways to continue the leadership that Glen provided.”

Glen’s wife, Brenda Barton, will continue to provide valuable support to the Covenant Partners.

"Fortunately Glen has had a companion at his side over the years who supported his work and was also a great friend to the Covenant Partners,” Snell said.  “I’m happy to report that Brenda Barton will continue working with us, providing valuable continuity.”  

Fuller Center staff member Kirk Lyman-Barner will also provide that continuity as he has officially accepted the position of Director of U.S. Field Operations.

Lyman-Barner has expressed his desire to continue building on the legacy that Brenda and Glen launched by using his background in business and his seasoned experiences with Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center.

"Kirk brings a wealth of experience to this position … He knows how our systems work,” Snell said.

In fact, Lyman-Barner brings over 23 years of experience in the affordable housing ministry, starting in 1988 when he met Millard Fuller at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. After that meeting, he founded and spent over a decade managing Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity in Pendleton County, West Virginia, which has been recognized as the most productive rural Habitat for Humanity affiliate in the United States.

Since joining the Fuller Center in 2005, first as a board member and then a full-time staff member, Lyman-Barner has also served in several capacities, including cultivating new covenant partners, directing the Faith Builders program and overseeing the operations with the Americus-Sumter Fuller Center for Housing.

"My dream for The Fuller Center is to engage every community, no matter how large or how small. Everywhere there are people in need of better shelter,” Lyman-Barner said.

He said his measurement for success in the field will be tithing from U.S. Covenant Partners, which provides funding for The Fuller Center’s work abroad.

“Our leadership teams who exhibit a spirit of generosity and desire a connection with our global effort have proven time and time again to be our most successful programs,” he said. “They are the teams that know no matter how rough the economy gets God never goes bankrupt. We have been given on this earth enough resources to get the job done."

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