Kensington PA to Hershey PA

By Greg Zeroun

We woke up this morning for a quick breakfast at 4:30am to be out of The Simple Way headquarters by 5 to ride our first century ride (100 miles) to Hershey PA. When we left it was misting but warm, as we headed out of Philadelphia the rain gathered and intensified slightly. It wasn’t by any means a torrential down pour but for this California boy it was pretty decent rain. Our experience in Kensington was humbling, memorable and amazing. I learned so much about hard work, dedication and passion in just two days and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity. We headed down the Schuylkill River trail a beautifully maintained bike path for the majority of our journey. The trail alternates between paved and packed gravel and it was breathtakingly beautiful. For anyone who hasn’t been in California during the summer time, it’s brown. It’s hot and water is almost always an issue. To be here where everything is green and lush is a blessing.

After arriving at our destination, the Nazarene church in Hershey they supplied us with an amazing dinner and home cooked deserts! After our awesome dinner a large group of us went to check out Chocolate World! As one would expect from a name like Chocolate World it was super sweet! Everything and anything Hershey was there in abundance and the joy was in the air. 

One Comment

  • Chocolate World? Seriously? What amazing things you are getting to experience as you bless others along your route. Hugs to you both. – Fawn


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