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While a lot of businesses, other nonprofits and especially politicians will clutter your email inboxes and fill the mailbox outside your home with appeal after appeal once they get your contact information, The Fuller Center for Housing takes a different approach.

"We want to stay in touch and keep folks updated on what we’re doing and how they can get involved, but we don’t want to hound them about it," Fuller Center Director of Communications Chris Johnson said. "If they’re interested in our work — and most folks who learn about us are — we don’t have to contact them constantly. An email or two a month and a couple of print newsletters a year from us is what most of our contacts get — unless they’ve expressed an interest in getting more updates."

Johnson noted that he personally has had to unsubscribe from organizations and politicians he supported because they contacted him too often.

"They should go harass the folks who don’t support them, not those who do," he said with a smile. "OK, maybe they shouldn’t harass anyone. Communication should be enjoyable and welcome — especially when it comes to causes you care about."

While The Fuller Center sends out just one e-newsletter a month and two print newsletters a year to most of its contacts, that communication is important to draw attention to volunteer opportunities and the ministry’s needs.

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