It's the 21st Century

-and we at The Fuller Center are marching boldly into it. We were pretty proud of ourselves four years ago when we came up with our first web page and I’m still giddy about the whole blogging thing. But the world marches on. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, social networking and the unfortunately named viral marketing. In order to keep up we’ve organized our own Tech Team, with Faith, Ryan, Kirk and Erica leading the way. They let me sit in on the meetings, as
long as I don’t say too much.

But I’m learning. Check this out—

This is a widget, created by our very own Ryan Iafigliola to promote his upcoming Bicycle Adventure. What’s even more remarkable is that I imported this into the blog all by myself. And they say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

As we learn more about the marvels of the age you’ll be seeing us communicate in more interesting ways. Our web page will be going through some major upgrades. We’re learning to be interactive. I invite you to help us with this by offering suggestions and sharing your thoughts.

Since I’ve got the Bike Adventure widget successfully imbedded here I should say a word or two about it. All of the details can be found on our web page,, or on the Adventure’s own page at This is going to be a great trip. There are 17 riders signed up for the entire tour—from Benton Harbor, Michigan to Panacea Beach, Florida, a distance of a mere 1300 miles. Riders who can’t go the whole way are invited to join the trip at any point along the way. For my part I’ve signed up for the Tallahassee to Panacea leg. They told me it was a 25 mile run when I committed, but then they changed the route and now I’m told it will be closer to 50. I don’t think there’s time for me to get this old posterior of mine in shape for that much bike time.

Do check this out. There are lots of ways to get involved beyond riding. Those living along the route may want to host the riders, offer them a home-cooked meal or lend them a washing machine. They’ll be building at Fuller Center sites along the way as well. It should be great fun. I’ll let you know for sure when we get to Panacea Beach.

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