It's Not About the Bike

“It’s not about the bike.” Each of us can put our own ‘spin’ on this well-known quote. Cycling is one of my passions, and I’ve explored many countries on the saddle. I’ve also done humanitarian work throughout the global village. But I have never experienced the powerful combination of biking and building in one mission. As much as I am in awe of the scenery along our route, I am even more impacted by the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes in to planning and executing such a mission. Dave’s powerful devotion this morning was a reminder to see the world with an “attitude of gratitude”. And on today’s spectacularly scenic ride along the pathway, there was plenty of opportunity for reflection and for counting our blessings. We all can be grateful for our good health, the freedoms and opportunities to participate in such an epic event, for our sponsors, supporters, and the local Fuller Center partners who seem to come out of the woodwork to fuel our bodies and spirits. And offering our collective skills and labour to help build a home for a family in need is a privilege – proof that ‘giving is receiving’. This is a multi-faceted mission – much more than a bike ride.

Laurie MacAdams

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