It's all downhill from there — really! – By Tony Campbell

Yesterday we crested the Eastern Continental Divide, spending the night in Frostburg, Md. From there, as the elevation chart shows, it really was all downhill to Paw Paw, W.Va., today’s destination, especially the first 16 miles from Frostburg to Cumberland on the C & O Trail.

So today was looking like an easy day. For most of us it was. Unfortunately, Melissa decided to compete with Aaron for boo-boo of the week. Her bike tangled with a root on the C & O trail, and, while the root did not win a decisive victory, Melissa now sports a bandage on her right hand very similar to Aaron’s.

The folks at the United Methodist Church in Paw Paw were cordial hosts. They fed us well and gave us all they could give. Unfortunately the area was without internet access or cell phone service. So we had to improvise.

Ryan got out his guitar and some of us had a songfest at the church. Others found the Backyard Lounge with a juke box and pool tables.

Apologies to all our loved ones who did not get a phone call last night. We’ll post this as soon as we see some bars on our phones instead of that receiver with a line thru it.

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  • You guys! Stop hurting yourselves! Glad to hear that you are okay Melissa.


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