Iowa Lakes

The Iowa Great Lakes region is set on a beautiful setting of blue water, glacial lakes in extreme northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota. Waterfront mansions sit expansively beside simple cabins and century-old bungalows and farmhouses sit in disrepair among their upscale neighbors. There is a lot of poverty housing to combat in the Iowa Great Lakes and a lot of resources available to do so. The Fuller Center for Housing Iowa Lakes covers Clay and Dickinson counties. The Iowa Lakes Fuller Center was started by Amy and Ed Peterson with a vision to help other homeowners in the area fix repairs. They have assembled a diverse and passionate board.

Current Project:
The Fuller Center for Housing Iowa Lakes has selected as its first project the home of a single mother and her two daughters in Terril, Iowa. The homeowner had begun work on the house with her father tearing out most of the interior walls and putting up some siding and insulation. The two had planned to fix the house together to make a home for her and her daughters. Then the homeowner’s father became ill with cancer and lost the battle. The family has been able to stay in temporary housing for the past two years, but that house will become unavailable shortly. Fuller Center Iowa Lakes has scrambled to assemble their board and start fundraising. Work has begun on the house with tear out of the remaining plaster. Working alongside the homeowner Fuller Center Iowa Lakes will finish the siding and build an entire new interior to the house. To read more about this project and other activities please visit
Future Projects:
The board is in the early stages of planning a Greater Blessing Box Blitz to celebrate the Millard Fuller Legacy Build during the week of August 30th through September 4th. Iowa Lakes Fuller Center be distributing Greater Blessing Box applications to area churches and social service offices.
Fuller Center for Housing Iowa Lakes Needs:
  • Financial Support-Please make checks to The Fuller Center for Housing, designated for The Fuller Center Iowa Lakes, P.O. Box 523, Americus, GA 31709
  • Committee members and volunteers
Contact Information:
Ed Peterson
P.O. Box 27
Fostoria, IA 51340
Phone- 712-441-5437


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