I like Kimberly Lacy, and so should you!

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

 After a crazy first 7 days on the job, this might be the first day I’ve actually heard myself think – leading my colleagues here at headquarters to keep asking “Do you hear something squeaking?”

Speaking of thinking, keep the Fuller Center Bike Adventure team in your thoughts. They’re en route from Sunnyslope to Wilbur, Wash., today. It’s been a normal week for them, and they seem to be just fine with that.

Out in the field, The Fuller Center’s Greater Atlanta covenant partner this Saturday will be refurbishing and sprucing up Fire Station No. 9 in the Adamsville community as a thank you to firefighters and all first responders and as a lead-in to its Sept. 11 Memorial Build, when it will repair the home of a first responder in need.

Saturday’s project will include installation of cabinets and steel countertops in the kitchen area and gear lockers, all with re-used or repurposed materials. It will also feature an aesthetic face-lift to the front of the station led by the vivacious Kimberly Lacy, the co-host and project manager of HGTV’s “Curb Appeal: The Block.” Kimberly is one of those celebrities who dives into projects and gets her hands dirty. We love that! I love it so much personally that I “liked” her on Facebook today. Sure hopes she “likes” me back!

The Fuller Center promises no dalmations will be harmed during the fire station project!

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