Hot day, long day – By Colleen and Matt McKenna

Today we figured out what the Bike Adventure was really about as we traveled from Destin, Fla. to Daphne, Ala. Our little vacation came to an end at around 4:30 this morning, when the first alarm clock went off. We got ready to start our 99 (but we like to call it 100) mile bike ride today. 

It was real hot. In fact, Graham’s tire started bubbling due to the extreme heat.

We stopped several times along the way to refuel. Thankfully, an afternoon storm rolled in when we stopped at an ice cream shop, around mile 80–thanks so much Water’s Corner for letting us crash for over an hour. We stayed there until the first storm passed and then we raced against the next storm to get to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church where we were greeted with cold refreshing showers and warm delicious dinners.


We have another long and hot day ahead of us tomorrow so we’re going to rest up tonight!

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And join us for our FINALE in New Orleans. There will be much rejoicing with live music and local cuisine. Check out the details here.

One final stop for mail:

Fuller Center Bike Adventure
c/o Mennonite Disaster Services Volunteer Lodging
7520 Hayne Blvd.
New Orleans, La. 70126

*Flat Tire Count*

Current riders:     
Aaron Alaman – 3
Brett Safran – 8
Chris Cosby – 6
Ivan Cunningham – 0
Kyle Halat – 15
Ryan Iafigliola – 11 
Susan Pratt – 2
Allen Slabaugh – 0
Becky Acton – 0
Colleen McKenna – 0
Matthew McKenna – 0
Graham Houston – 1 
Previous Riders:
Abby – 4
Jonny – 0
Leah – 2
Melissa – 3
Olivia – 0
Sarah – 2
Tom – 2
Tony – 0
Mark Benjamin – 0
James Berstein – 0
Steve Carillo – 0
Keith Wishum – 3

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