U.S. Builders host survey

U.S. Builders site host application form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fuller Center U.S. Builders host. U.S. Builder teams can infuse your work with energy and funds, as well as media and awareness opportunities. Please fill out our survey below so that we can let potential volunteer teams know what to expect when signing up to work with you. Thank you!

What is the name of your covenant partner?*
In which city will teams be hosted?*
How much do you intend to charge per participant? (Typically $100-$150 for each team member)*
When would you like to host teams? (Select as many as you wish)*
What days of the week would you ask teams to work? (Typically Mon-Fri)*
What kind of teams would you like to host?*
How many members per team would you like to host? (For instance, "10-12")*
What are your age restrictions for volunteers?*
Describe the volunteer housing arangements*
Which meals/food/drink will you provide for U.S. Builder teams? (Teams will be responsible for meals not provided by the covenant partner; select ALL that apply)*
Please select ALL that will be provided to volunteer teams:*
Our volunteer teams typically have one afternoon to learn more about the area, visit local attractions or for recreational activities. Please describe what potential options your covenant partner's area has for such opportunities:*
Please provide a brief description of your covenant partner's work and the service area. (3-5 sentences):*
Anything else you would like to add or would like more information about?