Hospital workers use precious off time to help woman repair home in Orem, Utah

Hospital workers use precious time off to help woman repair home in Orem, Utah

OREM, Utah — As overworked as health care employees have been over the past year and a half, you could understand if they wanted to use and off day to do nothing but rest. But some just keep hearing the call to serve others.

In conjunction with the United Way’s Day of Caring, dozens of employees from MountainStar Healthcare’s Timpanogos Regional Hospital partnered with The Fuller Center for Housing of Utah County to help a 75-year-old Utah woman who has struggled to keep up to date on home repairs since being injured in a car crash and then breaking her hip toward the end of the recovery process. Volunteers installed siding on the exterior of the home, secured a railing on the stairs leading up to an apartment, painted several pieces of outdoor furniture, and unloaded gravel for future concrete work.


Watch Fox 13 reports, including live from the scene (right):





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