Honoring Millard and supporting community development in Peru

The Forestation Club in La Florida, Peru is seeking small donations to enable the planting of 74 trees, one for each year of Millard Fuller’s life. La Florida roughly translates to “a place of flowers,” but this barren landscape was one a dry seabed, and greatly needs these new trees. By sponsoring a tree, you can help the local homeowners in the Forestation Club make the community a place befitting of its name, and foster civic engagement in the children who will care for the trees.

Twenty-eight trees have been planted so far, and 35 more are needed. A tree can be sponsored for only $10, which will buy not only the tree, but also a little plaque, new soil and fertilizer, and enable children to tend the tree and water it daily for its first five years.

The Fuller Center Peru’s goal of building 500 homes in La Florida is becoming a reality, poco a poco (little by little). The plans for the local community center, also to be built by The Fuller Center, include space for a tree nursery to support the forestation program.

Special thanks to the Peace Corp volunteers who produced the short video included in this post. It is an excellent overview of the work being done in Peru, and a striking visual for anyone wondering why the work of The Fuller Center is so greatly needed.

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