You’re invited to join the Home Team — a free virtual movement to end poverty housing

You’re invited to join the Home Team — a free virtual movement to end poverty housing

When the coronavirus pandemic postponed Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure rides in 2020, leaders of The Fuller Center’s Bicycle Adventure and Global Builders programs joined forces and came up with a virtual alternative — the Global Home Challenge. Allowing participants to raise funds for the affordable housing ministry as they biked, ran and walked on their own, it proved to be a tremendous success and helped The Fuller Center’s international partners continue to build even with the stoppage of Global Builders volunteer teams.

Because so many embraced the Global Home Challenge, The Fuller Center has launched a similar initiative — the Home Team, which is now under way and continuing through August 31, 2021. Unlike the Global Home Challenge, the Home Team is designed to complement instead of replacing the Bicycle Adventure, which hopes to go on with its scheduled rides in 2021 as COVID vaccines make the rounds.

“The Home Team will enable folks to stay active, connect to the Fuller Center community, and make a difference, said Ryan Iafigliola, who founded the Bicycle Adventure in 2008 and now serves as Vice President of International Programs. “It’s a way to invite all those who aren’t interested in or able to bike across the country — especially this year — to walk or stay active however they’d like, and all for a greater purpose.”

While the Bicycle Adventure is for cyclists who have the physical ability to bike dozens of miles per day, the Home Team is an opportunity for people to bike, run or walk and be part of the movement.

“We had people of all levels of athleticism participating in the successful Global Home Challenge last summer, and we very much want to see that continue,” Iafigliola said. “It’s not a competition, but everyone on the Home Team will get to join in fun contests in March and May.”

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