MFLB 2010 New Homeowner Bios

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Chip Gibson was originally from Hamilton, Ohio and moved to the Indianapolis area in 1978 to care for his grandparents and to work for the Indianapolis Star. After 28 years of employment, he had to take disability due to bad knees and poor health.

Jennie Gibson is from Wisconsin and moved to Indianapolis in 1980. She became involved in the Shepherd Community Church of the Nazarene in 1990. She also has several health issues. Chip first visited Shepherd Community in 1994 where he and Jennie met. They were married in 1995.

The Gibsons have continued an active membership at Shepherd Community with both of them sitting on the church board at various times. Jennie has been employed at Shepherd since 2002 and is currently the secretary of the church board as well as Adult Sunday School teacher. Chip assists in the sound booth and is very active in local civic associations, currently serving as the President of the near east side community organization.

The Fuller Center Legacy Build means so much more to the Gibsons than just a new roof over their heads. The house will be handicapped accessible in preparation for a wheelchair which is in Chip’s future. This is a huge relief to them. More than that, living in a Fuller Center home will reduce both their housing and their utility expenses by half, providing resources for future health care and ministry needs.

The Gibsons would like to thank the Fuller Center, all of its volunteers, supporters, partners and friends who make all of this possible. Their vision will provide them peace of mind as well as the continued ability to serve their God, their church and their neighborhood.

Cynthia Nelson
is originally from Pontiac, Mich. For her first 18 years, she was a ward of the state. Her family background is very troubled, with her mother abusing drugs and she suffered abuse at the hands of several family members. All she knew was that she wanted to have a better life, so she left Michigan at age 18 with her children.

They got on a bus and got off in Indianapolis to start anew. There were many trials and difficulties, but when Nelson found Fletcher Place, she began to get her life together. She raised four children and has one still at home, Sierra, age 7. She is getting her GED and working in the childcare center at Fletcher.

She is working at paying her bills on time and learning to manage her life better than she ever did. She thanks God every day for a fresh start with the Fuller Center. This will be a chance to create a stable home for her family. She is very excited to be part of this neighborhood.

Tony Mobley
was raised in the Fountain Square area. Her mom has a SEND home now. She graduated from high school in the area and wants to attend college in the coming years. She feels having a stable home will help.

She married very young and now wants a better life for her children. Her new home will be in walking distance from her mother’s home.

Her son, Michael, aged 7, goes to the local charter school. Her daughter, Kayla is 2 years old.

As a kid, Mobley used to walk to get ice cream in the neighborhood but by the time she was in high school, she was afraid to walk anywhere. She is very excited to be a part of rebuilding this neighborhood so it can be safe again for her children.


Sherrice Harris is a mother to two children, Jordan, 10, and Asia, 8. She grew up in Indy and wants a stable place for her children to grow up.

She will be happy to be able to fix up her own home and to be a part of the neighborhood. She is going to take her vacation and work the whole week in September on her new house. She is very grateful for this opportunity.

Manuel Martinez is new to Indianapolis. He came here to better his opportunities as a medical researcher. He has his B.S. from Indiana University and is currently doing graduate work in the research field. He wants to eventually teach at the university level.

Martinez has made Indianapolis his home. He shares custody of his 2-year-old son “Manny.” Right now, they live in a boarding house and he and Manny have to share a bedroom.
He can’t wait for Manny to have his own room and a yard to play in.

Martinez is excited to build his life and his career here in Indianapolis and to contribute to building a better neighborhood.

Jessica Lozano-Magana has two little girls, Jasmine, 5, and Victoria, 2. She grew up in the Fountain Square neighborhood, so this is home for her. She works at Fletcher Place Pre-school.

Her husband is from Mexico and is currently trying to get back to his family in Indianapolis. Magana has had a lot of difficulty getting him back legally. She paid a lot of money to one woman who ended up making things worse.

She has talked to Legal Aid and they are trying to help but are telling her it could take years for him to be able to come home to his family. Magana is going to classes to get her certification in preschool education.

She is hoping her husband will be back to help build their new home. In the meantime, she is very happy about having a new home in her old neighborhood.

Her daughters make her drive down St. Paul Street every evening so they can see where their new house will be!

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