FCH Internal Operations Manual

Fuller Center for Housing Home Office Operations Manual

"A system doesn’t exist unless it is written down." – Michael Gerber

Program/Department    Description   Date   Author   Download Document
Introduction to the Operations Manual   The Why, What and How of Building an Operations Manual    03/24/2011   Kirk Lyman-Barner   The Why, What and How of Building an OP Manual
    The Fuller Center Peer Review System for creating documents and publically seen communications       David Snell    
    Just for fun- Fuller Center System Example: Making Coffee   03/15/2011   Kirk Lyman-Barner   Making Coffee Action Plan
    Template for new manual pages   03/05/2011   Kirk Lyman-Barner   Manual Template
Accounting and Finance   Accounting and Segregation of Duties            
    Reimbursement Policy and Authorization            
    Credit Card Use            
    Requests and Approval of Accounts Payable            
    Purchasing Authority            
    Annual Reports            
Autos, Buildings and Property Management   End of the Day Office Security Alarm Protocol   03/24/2011    Cathy Smith   End of the Day and Security Alarm Protocol 
    Office Recycling Procedures   3/15/2011   Kirk Lyman-Barner   Recycling procedures March 2011
    Maintenance Contacts       Cathy Smith   Maintenance Contacts 
Compliance Proccedures   Compensation Policy       Board of Directors   Compensation Policy
    Conflict of Interest Policy       Board of Directors   Conflict of Interest Policy
    Documents Retention and Distruction Policy       Board of Directors   Document Retention and Distruction Policy
    Public Disclosure of Information Policy       Board of Directors   Public Disclosure of Information Policy
    Employee Whistleblower Protection Policy       Board of Dirctors   Whistleblower Protection Policy
Communications and Marketing   The office of the President       Sharon Tarver    
    Procedures for welcoming visitors to the office   03/31/2011   Sharon Tarver   Welcoming Visitors to the Office
    Google Calendar Systems       Sharon Tarver    
    Fuller Center Email Accounts       Leah Gernetzke   Creating new Gmail accounts
    Updating staff page       Faith Fuller   Adding a new staff member to the website  
    Receptionist       Cathy Smith    
    Communicating the "Why"   03/05/2010   Ted Talk Link   Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action
The Fuller Center Style Guidelines   Logo Font and Color Guidelines       Faith Fuller   Logo Guidelines
Social Media Networking   Using Facebook (Facebook Causes, Facebook Widgets), Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.       Leah Gernetzke    
    Signing up for Google Alerts       Leah Gernetzke   Signing up for Google Alerts
    Embedding linked social media buttons in gmail signature       Leah Gernetzke   Gmail signature instructions
Web Page Creation and Layout   Search Engine Optimization and creating meta tags/kewords/descriptions       Leah Gernetzke    
    Creating photo captions       Leah Gernetzke    
    Building tables       Leah Gernetzke    
    Posting Videos       Leah Gernetzke    
    Creating links to documents and web pages       Leah Gernetzke    
    Creating and uploading blogs       Leah Gernetzke    
    Resolving drop-down menu issues       Leah Gernetzke   Drop-down menu issues
Creating content for the Web   Video and slideshow editing: Using Final Cut Express, iMovie and Animoto       Leah Gernetzke    
    Photo editing       Leah Gernetzke    
    Writing news stories for the web       Leah Gernetzke    
    Crafting press releases and press release templates       Leah Gernetzke    
Working in Constant Contact   E-News Creation and Layout       Leah Gernetzke    
    Creating Subject Lines       Leah Gernetzke    
    Coordinating blasts with Communications Master Calendar       Faith Fuller    
Managing the Millard Fuller Section on the FCH website           Linda Fuller    
Newsletters           Sheilla Snell    
Photo Library (Photopartner.Smugmug)   Photo Sharing and the Photopartner Library   03/28/11   Linda Fuller   Photo Sharing and the Photopartner Library 
Files and Archives           Linda Fuller    
Development   Fundraising Philosophy       David Snell    
    CiviCRM Manual   03/02/2011   CiviCRM Nonprofit   CiviCRM Manual v Jan 2011
    Managing Donor/Volunteer Relationships in Civi CRM   03/02/2011    Kirk Lyman-Barner    CRM contact management instructions for staff 
    General Fundraising       David Snell    
    Gift Acceptance Policy       Board of Directors   Gift Acceptance Policy
    Direct Mail       David Snell    
    Major Donor Solicitations       David Snell    
    Grants and Foundations       Kirk Lyman-Barner    
    Small Business Development       Beverly Black    
    Regional and Large Business Development       Beverly Black    
    Merchandise Sales       Cathy Smith    
Information Techology   Security and access to information systems       Erica Faircloth    
    Backing Up our Data   04/02/2011   Erica Faircloth   Backing Up Data

  Using FaxScan Service   03/03/2011   Kirk Lyman-Barner   FaxScan service instructions
    Telephone and Intercom Proceedures       Stacey Goolsby    
    RCA Phone System Manual       RCA
RCA Telephone Manual
Insurance and Risk Management                
Personnel   Letter from the President and Mission Statement       David Snell   Letter from the President
    Personnel Policy Manual    03/2010   FCH Board of Directors   Personnel Policy Manual updated 3.10

    Vacation Sick Bereavement Leave Request Form   09/16/2006   Cathy Smith   Vacation Sick Bereavement Leave Request
    Travel Approval Form   09/16/2006   Cathy Smith   Travel Approval Form
    Travel Reimbursement Form   09/16/2006   Cathy Smith   Travel Reimbursement Form
    Check Request form   09/16/2006   Cathy Smith   Check Request Form
    Volunteer Stipend Dispursement Policy   03/15/2011   Kathyie Doyle and Cathy Smith   Volunteer Stipend Dispursement Policy
    Employee Development and Position Cross Training       David Snell    
Postage and Shipping   Procedures for handling US Mail       Sharon Tarver    
    Procedures for handling Fed Ex Packages       Sharon Tarver    
Programs International                
International Covenant Partner Development           Ryan Iafigliola    
Programs – US/Canada                
US/Canda Covenant Partner Development           Kirk Lyman-Barner    
    Covenant Partner Getting Started Flow Chart       Kirk Lyman-Barner   CP Getting Started Flow Chart
Programs -Registrar           Stacey Goolsby    
Programs – Faith Builders                
    Servant to the Church Campaign System Instructions   03/01/2010   Kirk Lyman-Barner   Servant to the Church Campaign
Programs – Disaster Rebuilders           David Snell    
Programs – Global Builders   Global Builders Operations Manual       Ryan Iafigliola    
Programs – Student Builders   Student Builders Operations Manual       Allen Slabaugh    
Programs – RV Builders   RV Builders Operations Manual       Stacey Goolsby    
Programs – Special Events                
Millard Fuller Legacy Build            Glen Barton    
Earth Day Builds           Kirk Lyman-Barner    
Programs – Special Projects                
Bike Adventure   Trip Leader Operations Manual       Allen Slabaugh    

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