Make this vacant house a home
for the holidays — and forever more!


After serving her country from 1998 to 2003 in the U.S. Army, Phonecia Carney came home to almost nothing. In fact, she didn’t even come home to a house. She was homeless and needed a hand up from Volunteers of America to get somewhat back on her feet. Now, you can help Phonecia and her three children — Jeremiah, 13; Valajia, 4; and Tristan, 1 — get a simple, decent home as we take a vacant house and turn it into a loving home for a family once again.

That’s the essence of our Save a House/Make a Home initiative: Banks and other property owners donate vacant and foreclosed houses that are salvageable to Fuller Center covenant partners, and we turn them into homes once again. Vacant houses abound in America … as do the problems they compound, such as crime and drugs. We turn this problem into an opportunity in a way that benefits families, banks, neighborhoods and the housing industry itself.

Our Louisville covenant partner is a leader in this effort and recently selected five families — including Phonecia’s — to be its newest Save a House/Make a Home recipients. Like other Fuller Center homeowner partners, Phonecia will work alongside volunteers as they work on the house and will make zero-percent-interest mortgage payments back into a fund to help future homeowners like herself. Phonecia is thrilled to have this opportunity to give her children this opportunity to grow up in a safe and decent home.

"It’s going to be a stable place to live," she said. "That’s the one thing that I just keep smiling about — that there’s going to be stability. We’re not always moving around. It’ll be a stable place where my children can have friends and not have to leave them. It’s going to be wonderful."

Of course, it takes the support of people like you to fund the repairs on these donated homes, and that’s the focus of our 2012 Home for the Holidays Christmas campaign. We’re shining a spotlight on Phonecia’s family because this project embodies many of our concerns in one home — veterans housing, empowering homeowners, partnering with other like-minded organizations and giving children a stable foundation for their future.

Please join us in supporting this effort. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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