A home for Juanita Ingram

By Chris Johnson
Director of Communications

When it comes to building or renovating a home through The Fuller Center and its partners, the most exciting moment has to be when the keys are handed over and a Bible is presented to a homeowner. The joy was certainly evident on the face of Juanita Ingram when her home was dedicated in Louisville on Monday.

Ms. Ingram’s journey into the home began at this year’s Derby City Build with FCH Louisville. The weather was cool and damp. Work was intense. It was hot and sunny on Monday. The only thing intense Monday was the joy and gratitude all around the Boston Court home.

While looking back at our files from the Derby City Build, my communications colleague Leah Gernetzke located this video that didn’t see the light of day just after the build. In it, Ms. Ingram becomes emotional at the sight of people coming together to build her home. Some here at headquarters thought the video too emotionally intimate to share at the time. But juxtaposed with Monday’s joyous celebration, her reaction now seems appropriate to share. It’s indeed emotional and intimate, but it’s real and heartfelt joy.

Congratulations, Ms. Ingram, on finding home sweet home. We are proud to have played a part of that journey … and the many similar journeys across the United States and around the world.


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