For the holiday season, fewer families in affordable housing

Over 17 million Americans are experiencing unaffordable housing cost burdens, according to analysis of the 2008 American Community Survey done by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC).

Since 2006, there has been a shift away from home-ownership toward renting, an increase in rental rates and an increase in household size for renters. As families lost homes to foreclosure or put off the decision to buy in the declining home market, more crowded living conditions for renters have resulted.

This is likely due to some families doubling up or taking in tenants, and larger families moving into smaller, more affordable units.

"The new ACS data validates the reports we are getting from across the country. More families are renting, rents are going up and the lowest income households are struggling to pay for the most basic necessities. These data were collected before the rapid rise in unemployment, which means the situation today is even worse," NLIHC President Sheila Crowley said.

This unfortunate news underscores the importance of the work of The Fuller Center. We partner with families to help provide them with simple, decent, affordable housing. We want to make sure families are able to keep a safe roof over their children’s heads while still being able to afford food, health care and a future with hope. As that becomes harder to accomplish in these economic times, we must work harder.

Please explore our Web site further to learn how you can join The Fuller Center and support the work of eliminating poverty housing. The full press release from NLIHC can be found on their Web site.

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