History – Timeline & Milestones (2005)

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Millard and David Snell in April


Jan. 31 – The Executive Committee of Habitat for Humanity International’s board fires Millard and Linda Fuller after Millard served 29 years as President and CEO.

 – The Fullers along with David Snell and Ken Hensen start a new housing ministry based on original biblical principles and methods developed at Koinonia and in Africa in the 1970s.

First board meeting of Fuller Center for Housing April 16
April – First board meeting held at Koinonia and headquarters in Americus inaugurated.

First Covenant Partner group formed in Suffolk, Va.

May – The Fuller Center for Housing headquarters building renovation completed and dedicated in Americus, Ga.

July – Work started on building 100 houses in Nepal ($750 per house).

August – Milestone 200,000th House built by HFHI worldwide celebrated in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Linda Fuller co-authors Woman to Woman Wisdom: Inspiration for Real Life with Bettie YouMillard speaking with reporters in February of 2005ngs and Donna Schuller.

September – Fuller Center for Housing Web site launched – www.fullercenter.org.

October – “Building on Higher Ground” Initiative launched in Shreveport, La.

Official dedication of Points of Light “Extra Mile Pathway” near The White House in Washington, D.C. commemorating Linda and Millard Fuller as founders of Habitat for Humanity International alongside leaders of 19 other well-known organizations such as Martin Luther King, Jr. (Civil Rights Movement), Juliette Lowe (Girl Scouts), William Booth (Salvation Army), Eunice Shriver (Special Olympics).

December – First three Fuller Center houses built in Shreveport, La.

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March from church to construction site 2005Shreveport, La. 2005

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