History – Timeline & Milestones (2003-2004)

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Millard at the opening of the Global Village Discovery Center2003

Global Village and Discovery Center opens in Americus, Ga.

HFH University established to engage and equip leaders in HFH around the world with e-courses and other educational opportunities related to eradicating poverty housing.

150,000th house milestone – Millard and Linda travel to Cluj, Romania to dedicate 150,000th HFH house completed worldwide.

JCWP – Three 21st Century Challenge cities: LaGrange and Valdosta, Ga. & Anniston, Ala.

CCYP – $1 million raised by students contributing to HFH affiliate building efforts.

HFHI working in 92 nations.

Briars in the Cotton Patch documentary on Koinonia released – produced by Faith Fuller.

Millard Fuller named CEO of the year among non-profits in the U.S. by the Non-Profit Times. Fuller children, Chris, Kim, Georgia and Faith in 2003


Millard Fuller’s ninth book, Building Materials for Life – Volume II published.

March – Linda and Millard Fuller tour and spread awareness of Habitat’s work in Asia. Millard has disgreements with Habitat for Humanity International board. (Details in The House That Love Built by Bettie Youngs.)

May – Millard receives milestone 50th honorary doctorate degree.

August – Conflict with HFHI board continues. (Details in House That Love Built by Bettie YouMillard and Linda receive the Points of Light Medallion, 2003ngs).

November – Paul Leonard becomes Interim CEO. Millard continues as President and Founder.

December – Millard receives World Methodist Peace Award from the World Methodist Council.

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