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Millard cheering homeowners in Poland 20002000

A HFH affiliate in Gisborne, New Zealand, dedicates five houses one minute after midnight on Jan. 1, 2000, as part of the city’s “Gisborne 2000” Millennium celebration. Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the first light of the new millennium.

Decentralization of HFHI management continues as the Asia/Pacific office moves to Bangkok, Thailand, and the Africa/Middle East department moves to Pretoria, South Africa.

The Jimmy Carter Work Project 2000 takes place in three locations across the country. In New York City, 20 houses are built, including Habitat’s 100,000th house. In Jacksonville, Fla., 100 houses go up, and 35 houses are constructed in Sumter County, Ga. completing the Sumter County Initiative (SCI). (SCI began in 1992, led by Millard Fuller, to end poverty housing within eight years in Americus and Sumter County, Ga.)

Seventh book published by Millard Fuller, More Than Houses.

Whirlpool Corporation commits $25 million over five years to put a stove & refrigerator in every home built in North America.

Programs functioning with staff at HFHI headquarters: Women Build, Prison Partnership, Mental Health Partnership, Campus Chapters and Youth Programs, Corporate Partners, RV Care-A-Vanners, Global Village (short-term mission teams building HFH homes all over the world)

Linda and Millard Fuller receive the Mark O. Hatfield Leadership Award from Council for Christian Collages and Universities.

Millard Fuller named one of 100 Most Influential Georgians of the year and Millennium by Georgia Trend magazine

2001 Linda & Millard in Brazil celebrating 35,000 houses built in Latin America 2001

25th Anniversary of HFH held in Indianapolis called “25 & Building.”

HFHI is now in 83 nations totaling a milestone 2000 affiliates worldwide.

Linda and Millard Fuller in Brazil to celebrate 35,000th house built in Latin America/Caribbean.

Fullers in Uganda to celebrate 20,000th house built on African continent.

40,000th Habitat house completed in the U.S.

Linda Fuller leads “Women Building A Legacy” launch in Denver, Colo.– 250 women building five houses in one week and celebrating the tremendous success of “First Ladies Builds” (participation of every First Lady of all 50 U.S. States ) and now leveraging that to build a much larger base of resources for the Women Build program. The 250 women from U.S. were joined by 15 women from Northern Ireland for this milestone event. Now more than 400 HFH houses built by women or women led builds.

10,000 students from US; 20,000 in other countries participating in Collegiate Challenge

JCWP held in South Korea – 136 houses.

Down Home Humor – funny stories about Habitat published, edited by Linda Fuller.

Millard & Linda in South Africa 20022002

Millard Fuller’s eighth book published – First volume of Building Materials for Life, a collection of 40 inspiring essays which Millard bases on his life and faith experiences.

Millard Fuller named Georgian of the Year by the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.

JCWP – Durban, South Africa – 100 homes in five days as part of 1,000 homes built all over Africa in three months.

2,332 HFH affiliates worldwide building in more than 3,000 towns & villages.

HFHI now working in 87 nations.

300 Prison Partnerships.

Shelby Co., Ala. HFH – Breaks record for fastest house built in the U.S. – three hours, 26 min., 34 seconds.

Jacksonville, Fla. HFH affiliate is the first in US to achieve 1,000 houses.

21st Century Challenge – 37 certified communities.

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