History: Timeline & Milestones

Millard Fuller was an ambitious and driven business man. By age 29 he was a millionaire. But in 1965, his life took a dramatic turn when his wife, Linda, told him she was leaving him.

Together, they resolved to save their marriage, give away their fortune to help the poor and focus their lives toward God’s work with a renewed and exciting sense of purpose. Though they had little construction experience, the Fullers set out to change lives just by speaking out, being kind to others and picking up a hammer whenever and wherever they could. In 1976, they founded Habitat for Humanity which has to date built or renovated 400,000 homes worldwide for more than 2 million people.

In 2005, the Fullers once again started over and launched The Fuller Center for Housing which is currently building and renovating homes in 19 countries and dozens of communities in the United States. Working toward a mission to help the more than 1 billion people worldwide who live in poverty housing and the 100 million who are homeless, the Fuller’s extraordinary commitment and legacy continues today through the hearts and hands of hundreds of thousands of volunteers who seek to build a better world, one house at a time.

Below is a timeline of major developments in the Fullers’ volunteer-driven, affordable housing movement below.

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Millard and Linda with Indiana First Lady Judy O’Bannon in North Thailand, 2004

1959-1976: From affluent beginnings

1977-1983: Habitat – The Early Years

1984-1989: Habitat – The Carter Years

1990-1994: Habitat – Years of Growth

1995-1999: Habitat – 80,000 houses

2000-2002: Habitat – International Expansion

2003-2004: Habitat – Leadership struggles

2005: Fuller Center for Housing begins

2006: Fuller Center work goes international

2007: Growing, Speaking, Building

2008-Present: Legacy Build and Beyond

2014-present: Partnerships lead us into new era

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