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FCDR traces its origins to a group from Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia that Bart Tucker took to Mississippi shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. Originally working in a working-class neighborhood mucking houses (gutting flooded homes) and repairing roofs, it became clear that most of the homeowners being helped would not be able to restore their homes without outside assistance. When disasters strike, those living in the most affordable housing are least able to recover. If these severely damaged homes are not rebuilt, a large stock of working-class homes will be lost forever.

Operating with the basic philosophy of returning families to their homes by turning unlivable structures back into simple, decent housing, FCDR completed 91 homes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Bay St. Louis and Waveland. The majority of those were rehabs, although as the recovery progressed, FCDR began to build new construction homes also.

In September 2008, Hurricanes Gustav and Ike wreaked further devastation on the Gulf Coast. FCDR responded with another blue tarp and roof repair effort in Terrebonne Parish, La. In Mississippi, FCDR repaired or rebuilt more than 97 homes hit by Katrina.

Hurricane Ike also roared ashore near Galveston, Tex. About and hour east in Bridge City, where FCDR relocated in June 2009, an estimated 14 of 3,400 homes escaped flooding from the immense storm surge. Most had two to ten feet of water in them. FCDR president Bart Tucker described the area like a Hollywood set. From outside, the houses appeared fine, but inside they were full of mud, snakes and debris. FCDR moved in November 2010 to Plaquemines Parish, LA to continue their repair of damaged homes along with constructing new homes for those destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. In 2012 Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders provided assistance in Atlantic City by providing volunteers to help with Hurricane Sandy Recovery as part of their work.

This miracle has been made possible by the willingness of thousands of Americans serving for one week or many weeks restoring their fellow citizens to their homes. The work is financed by generous donations from countless individuals and churches across the United States. Your donation will be put to immediate use – the FCDR team can repair houses as fast as you can support them!


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