Hero Sunday, the Beast, and Goodbye to the Land of Lincoln

Going 92 miles allows for many options for today’s title. My name is Leah Spurlin, originally from Alabama but I currently live in Kentucky. I signed up for this ride for a chance to bike across the country and do some type of ministry. Back in Kentucky I find myself too busy to do a lot of things, especially volunteering my time to serve others. After the first build day in Atlantic City I caught the bug. The more I serve the more my heart yearns to do more. The hard thing is having to leave and pedal on to the next place. Wishing I could help and do even more.

This past weekend was a special "Hero" weekend at Waukegan Community Church. I really enjoyed attending the church services. Today they focused on the heroes in our lives. The service fed my soul and moved me deeply! I enjoyed waving the bandanas and shaking the hand clappers. Tears fell as I hugged more strangers than I could count; when I saw my brothers Everett and Gerry sing their hearts out as they were a part of the gospel choir; when Melissa shared about the heroes we daily meet on the bike; and when the soulful words of break my chains were sung. I walked away from that service having learned that we need to be spiritual weight watchers so we can prepare for a life of weightlessness when we choose to follow Jesus. I have enjoyed attending all types of church services while being introduced to other denominations.

I have termed this upcoming week as the beast simply because a lot of the cyclists have been dreading the consecutive big days of riding. Today marks the start of that week. To add another obstacle to the day we knew an approaching severe storm front was expected to hit and stick around most of the day. The devotion was shared, cue sheets passed out, prayers lifted, and the day began. Oh what a day it was!! The beast was crushed and we beat the storm. It was a beautiful day biking through thigh high corn. We said goodbye to the Land of Lincoln as we entered our 6th state – Wisconsin. We were able to capture a picture of Illinois and Wisconsin!

Saw the biggest ear of corn in Darien, WI. Fields of corn and soy beans lined the majority of our route. The sun and wind were a nice break from our normal days of rain. A special thanks to Sandy for bringing the cold water bottles and fruit!! The new cyclists did an amazing job today considering their first ride day was close to a century. The night cozy as the rain started while we watched some of the World Cup soccer game. Thankful for Oak Grove Church in Evansville, Wisconsin for opening up their doors, feeding us, and allowing us to sleep on their floor!

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