Here’s how to add donate buttons on Facebook posts to support your favorite charity

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform, yet Facebook’s constant tweaking and “improvements” can drive you a bit crazy. However — at least for now until it gets tweaked out of existence — Facebook has a wonderful new feature that allows you add “donate” buttons to your posts so that you can help raise money for the causes you support. It’s just a few steps to do it, and I’m going to walk you through the process in a series of screenshots taken as I just shared a post to support my favorite nonprofit, The Fuller Center for Housing.

Here’s how that worked:


1. A post worth sharing

This is a wonderful story happening this month in West Point, Georgia. I think it’s the kind of story that can spur someone to support our nonprofit, which relies exclusively on private donations. So, I click the “share” button.


2. Share on Your Timeline


3. Click the icon to let folks know how you’re feeling

Now that’s not the kind of thing I’d normally do, and I certainly would not have thought this to be a crucial step in getting a donate button on your post, but, as you’ll see, it is indeed.


4. Scroll to “Supporting”


5. Select your favorite nonprofit

I selected The Fuller Center for Housing, of course. I started typing into the box and by the time I’d typed in “The Fuller …”, it came up as an option. Then, you just have to click it.


6. After you hit “POST”, you’ll see this note on your page

Hey, we’re almost there! Facebook has done the behind-the-scenes work, and all we’ve gotta do is say, “Shoot yeah, I want to raise money!” Then, click “Add Button.”


7. Optional but powerful: Peer-to-peer invites

This is a super-powerful way to alert people to your fundraiser that pops up after you hit “Add Button”. You can invite friends, family, co-workers, etc. to notice your fundraiser. I’d use this judiciously, however, because some folks might get tired of seeing your posts if they think “Oh, great! Another fundraiser!” But, on occasion, this can be very useful. You could even make a birthday post asking people to support your charity instead of buying you gifts. If you would like to skip invites for a particular post, simply click the “x” box at the top right.


8. And there’s your button!

That was easy, huh? Best wishes on spreading the word about your favorite charity and supporting their mission!



  • Hey Chris, Any idea if multiple charities in turn 2 donate buttons can exist on one post. I have 2 dog rescues I advocate for and would like to include them both on one post. Thank you in advance. Merry Christmas …

    • I’m pretty sure you have to pick one charity to benefit from a post. The only way I know you might could get around that is to have two different posts.

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  • Chris, do you know if there is a way to use the same donate button for multiple Facebook posts? I am raising money for an organization. On my first post I added a donate button and 2 people donated for a total of $75. I plan on posting once a day until the end of the month but want the total to continue showing the number of people who donated and how much total has been raised. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. Thanks!


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