Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2012-Henry County Homeowners

Homeowners are the inspiration of the Millard Fuller Legacy Build. They will work hard to partner with the Fuller Center for Housing of Henry County, GA for many months before and after the event.

Meet some of the homeowners that will be partnering with the Henry County Fuller Center as part of the Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2012.

Ruth Joyce

Ms. Ruth grew up in the home that will be worked on for the Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2012 and stayed to care for her parents. She has never been married and has no children. She has worked at the Henry County Public Schools most of her adult life. Taking care of children is what she loved to do. When her parents were too old to take care of themselves she became their caregiver.

Due to some extreme hospital bills, she has been unable to do necessary repairs on her home. She does not have health insurance and is in need of help to take care of some health issues. She is a friend to many in the neighborhood and often drives others to the doctors and grocery shopping.

The work scheduled for her home includes a new roof, repair to the front and rear porch. The bathroom is in bad shape and it is in need of a total renovation. The rear porch will be enclosed in order to create a safe area for the washer and dryer. The hot water heater that is currently in the hallway will be relocated for safety reasons. The front and rear doors will be replaced and work will be done to seal up all the cracks and opening around windows, doors and the floor. New insulation will be placed under the floor and in the attic so that her house becomes more energy efficient.


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