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We are now sending teams to build in Haiti. Learn about joining or leading a team here.

Take a look at the many ways you can help get involved with the Haiti recovery initiative and help spread the word. 

  • DONATE NOW! Every dollar not only helps provide hope and a home for a family, but it also provides jobs and will aid the local economy.

Anyone can spread the word with these tools…

Classroom Sponsorship Kit – Cut-out Haiti house "bank" for collecting funds!
To use in Vacation Bible School, Sunday school or other classrooms. Includes lesson ideas.
Bulletin Insert – Prayers for Haiti – hand this out and use it in worship to keep a thoughtful spirit about the tragedy.

Find WIDGETS like the one below for your own Web page or blog here.

Help Rebuild Haiti with The Fuller Center for Housing

So click the donate button below to help with rebuilding efforts:

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