Help Our Family Give Back to Armenia!

In 2006, our family adopted a daughter from Armenia.  We wanted a connection to the larger world and we chose to adopt internationally.  When we adopted Milena, we changed her life forever.  We gave her a family and a home, but she gave us so much more.  She opened our eyes to a new world beyond our own.


Our trip to Armenia in 2006 was a transformative one.  It is very humbling to watch a mother visit her child in the orphanage, knowing that she must leave her child there because she doesn’t have enough money to raise her child at home.

We saw poverty in Armenia, but we also saw an inspiring industrial spirit. I have learned through our adoption that one act can have a ripple effect that can change the lives of many.  That is why I feel this program is so valuable.  Building one home may not seem like such a large thing, but it will permanently improve the life of an entire family.  That act of kindness can ripple through a community to impact everyone positively.

In June 2012, Kjell and I will travel with a group of mothers and sons from St. Sahag Armenian Church to Vanadzor, in northern Armenia.  In 1988, this area experienced a large earthquake, killing and maiming many and leaving a large population homeless.  Almost 25 years later, many families still live in metal shipping containers called “domics”.

Housing is such a basic need.  Once met, I hope the families that Fuller Center serves can devote their time to building up their lives and pay our kindness forward to help another family.

One act of kindness can have a ripple effect that reaches around the world.  Please consider supporting our effort.


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