Help a widow raising grandchildren in snake-infested mud shack

Alageswary is a widow who lost her husband during Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war and lived in a refugee camp before finally getting enough help to build a mud shack for herself and her grandchildren.

But while the home is her home, it is hardly decent shelter. Every time it rains, the tiny shack is at risk of collapse — and part of her kitchen already has fallen in. If this were not enough to put Alageswary and her grandchildren in danger, poisonous snakes have taken a liking to this mud shack and often hang from the roof.

A hard-working Christian woman in a predominantly Buddhist island nation, Alageswary has friends willing to help her build a safe shelter from the elements and snakes. However, she cannot afford construction supplies.

The Fuller Center for Housing of Sri Lanka issued an urgent plea for people to help. Now, there is an online fundraising page where you can donate toward the $3,000 needed to make this project possible.

If you would like to help Alageswary and her family, click here for the fundraising page and please share with others who might share your concern.

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