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Augusta-Harrisburg Fuller Center for Housing located in a two-hundred year-old downtown Augusta neighorhood wants to reclaim its historic value and restore its orginal beauty.  Augusta-Harrisburg Fuller Center for Housing wants to orchestrate the efforts of area faith-based groups, philanthropic organizations, community leaders and local businesses to create a high-impact housing rehabilitation program for qualified and contributing homeowners and homebuyers.

The focus of Augusta-Harrisburg Fuller Center for Housing will be to rehabilitate existing housing stock. The first project for Augusta-Harrisburg Fuller Center is well underway with the donation of a home that is currently being renovated for a new homeowner.  

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  • Volunteer and committee members
  • Financial Support: Donations may be sent to Augusta-Harrisburg Fuller Center for Housing, P.O. Box 3366, Augusta, GA 30914-3366. All donations are tax deductible.

Contact Information:

August-Harrisburg Fuller Center for Housing
Anne Catherine Murray
P.O. Box 3366
Augusta, GA 30914-3366
Phone- 706.262.4000
or email 

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