Happy New Year for Central Indiana Fuller Center

Submitted by
Stuart Peterson
Central Indiana Fuller Center for Housing
Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2010
Let me initially say that on behalf of the Fuller Center for Housing of Central Indiana, God’s blessing for a wonderful and prosperous New Year.
Well, needless to say, things are moving at a pace faster that we could have ever conceived. This is great, to a point. To a person, all of us feel as if we are “herding cats”. What I mean by that is that so are so many wonderful things that are happening, so many that want to be involved, and so many that want to help in anyway possible that we have a fear that we may miss someone. It’s exciting that there is this excitement spreading in our community, and it’s only January. Can you imagine what it will be like in September!!
Allan Zukerman, the best advertising executive that anyone could ever want, put together a video that will knock your socks off. Please go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE2cNejehFA. This will get the heart pumping.
I cannot thank those enough that have been involved so far. Those of you that have been offering your service, money and prayers. We cannot have too little of any of these.
Yesterday I was sitting around the house, attempting to give my throat a break from Saturday night’s football game. Sorry Baltimore Ravens fans. We love you and want you here in September. I drove down to the site. Every so often I do that to keep in perspective of what we are doing. It reinforces in me that we are doing this for those that want the opportunity to take the hand extended to them and make a new life.
It’s not about the amount of money that we need, it will come. It’s not about having enough people to build homes, they will come. It’s not about making certain that all of the logistical issues are in place and perfect. Some will be and some will be taken care of during the week. It’s about building a community. It’s about pride. It’s about glorifying the Almighty.
Now, that is not to say that we in Indianapolis will be sitting back and waiting for everything to come to us. Quite the contrary. We are burning a lot of leather from the bottom of our shoes, and we could not be happier in our mission. As a side note, if there is a cobbler coming in for the build…….

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  • The poster for the Legacy Build ’10 is a thing of beauty. I’d love to have one to put on my wall. I bet other people would, too. How about putting them for sale in your on-line store?


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