Beacon of hope in Haiti

A beacon of hope in Haiti

Our team in Pignon, Haiti, continues to build homes and change lives ... with your support!

Haiti has long been the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. The wonderful people of this Caribbean nation have suffered through decades of disasters, political upheaval and poverty. And yet, times have never been worse for the country than they are today.

However, there is a beacon of hope — in the community of Pignon, about 3 hours north of the bustling Port-au-Prince capital city. Pignon is peaceful and picturesque, set amid rolling hills and lush farms.

Thanks to the determined leadership of Geral Joseph, 120 Fuller Center homes are sprinkled throughout the community — with more houses under way. These remarkably beautiful homes are safe havens for families who had been struggling to survive shack life and all the related problems that come with it.

Because of the ongoing political situation in Haiti, we currently cannot send Global Builders volunteer teams to work alongside the Haitian people, and therefore your support has never been more critical for our continuing work in Pignon.

Your generous gifts not only help families move out of shacks and into decent homes, but they also provide steady employment for local laborers.

Your gifts also will be recycled. Even in Haiti, where so many well-meaning handouts from other nonprofits have fostered a culture of dependency, our hand-up approach is working. Families are eager to repay costs of construction, with zero-percent interest charged, into a fund to help build more homes in Pignon. They said our system of “enlightened charity” would never work in Haiti, but it does. Our partner families are not charity cases. They are partners and transformed into givers themselves.

On behalf of the families in Pignon who are still living in shacks, we urge you to consider extending a hand-up with a donation today, 100 percent of which will go to building new Fuller Center homes in Pignon.

Together, we can keep this much-needed beacon of hope in Pignon shining brightly in Haiti as a reminder of God’s love for all of His people.