Haiti trip will be well documented

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

We just had a Global Builders trip return from Haiti a couple of weeks ago (view the photos), and tomorrow a team of African-American women – led by The Fuller Center’s Beverly Black and featuring a celebrity in HGTV’s Kimberly Lacy will fly out of Atlanta on their way to build homes in Haiti.

For the vast majority of our Global Builders trips (which have reached new heights this year), we rely on the volunteers to document them as they wish. Our Global Builders blog is a great tool for that, allowing volunteers to talk about their trip AND upload photos easily.

But this trip will be a little different in that we’re sending Fuller Center communications specialist Leah Gernetzke to document the group’s work. She’ll be taking photos and video and blogging from the site. When she returns after spending an extra week in Haiti for a visit, I’ve tasked her with a very simple assignment: Bring back the best story ever!

Well, something like that. Shortly after her return, look for a longer-than-usual article about the team and maybe even a mini-documentary. It will be a great way to see what great strides we’re making in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake and provide a glimpse of the immense potential to transform communities in which The Fuller Center has a presence.

Also, if you’ve never been on a Global Builders trip (neither have I) but are considering it (as am I), it’ll be a great way to see what one is like. I’m looking forward to Leah’s return, not just to see all her work but because she’s the brains of this here communications operation, and I’ll pretty much just pace the office and mumble incoherently until she returns!

In other words, I’ll just act normal.

Please join me in wishing Leah, Beverly, Kimberly and the team a safe trip! And you all be safe over the Labor Day weekend!

Click here to take a closer look at our work in Haiti.

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