Greater Atlanta, Georgia

Greater Atlanta Fuller Center for Housing

P.O. Box 12224

Atlanta, GA 30355


Director: Mark Galey

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The Fuller Center of Greater Atlanta, faith-driven and Christ-centered, promotes collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals, organizations, corporations, and religious groups of all faiths in an unrelenting quest to provide adequate shelter for all people in need in the Greater Atlanta area. We also are a leader in The Fuller Center’s Save a House/Make a Home program in which we help banks and investors relieve themselves of properties they consider “toxic assets” by donating them to us. We then repair them to good condition and make them homes once again by filling them with hard-working, loving families. Greater Atlanta Fuller Center has been honored by the Atlanta Planning Advisory Board for their work in helping restore neighborhoods.


August 29th through Sept. 1st.-New home build in Austell, GA. The Fuller Center for Greater Atlanta is looking for a project director to lead the building of their new home slated for Labor Day weekend. To learn more about Greater Atlanta Fuller Center’s needs contact Mark Galey at 404-867-3258. To learn more about Greater Atlanta Fuller Center visit


Greater Atlanta Fuller Center has Save a House/Make a Home dedication.

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Greater Atlanta’s partnership with Hands On puts 400 lawyers to work on project.