by Landon Beachy

It has been an interesting week with the 2014 Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure. The workday project in North Chicago was preparing a home for a family to move into. It brought meaning and a personal touch to meet the family and their three children. The workdays are what makes FCBA not just a bike ride or vacation. Having ridden with the Fuller Center before it wasn’t new but still refreshing to experience the vision and purpose of the ride and riders again. The generosity  of the church hosts has been awesome.

The theme for me this week has been “gratefulness.” Can you be grateful only when you feel grateful? Or is it a choice we make regardless of what is happening at the moment. The second is the one I want to practice more consistently. 

I’ve enjoyed meeting old friends from last year’s ride and making new friends this year. Riding though the relentless hills in southern Wisconsin and struggling into 20 mph headwinds was a huge challenge. It showed how “tough” everyone was able to complete the 81 miles into Lancaster, WI. The steep hills gradually gave way to rolling terrain in northern Iowa but the headwinds continued. But today was great with cool temps and crosswinds that were more help than hinderance.

So we enjoy July 4th in Spirit Lake, IA. A good nap this afternoon may allow me to stay up late to see some fireworks tonight. 

Tomorrow we jog north into Minnesota on our way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where I will say farewell for now to my Fuller Center friends. Thanks for the memories and inspiration.

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