2010 Year-End Appeal

Tired of bad news?

Here’s some GOOD NEWS for a change!

Houses are going up in Haiti! Twelve volunteer work teams are already scheduled well into 2011.

During the Millard Fuller Legacy Build, over 100 families worldwide moved into new or rehabilitated houses. Because of this effort by thousands of donors and volunteers, close to 500 men, women and children have a decent place to live.

One of the new homeowners in Indianapolis, Sherrice Harris, addressed the volunteers who worked beside her to build her home: “All I can say is thank you. So I’ll keep saying it. Thank you!”

The Fuller Center is actively making peace, one house at a time. Much of our work is in places that are scarred by warfare—places like Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Congo. Our latest initiative is in North Korea. We’ve found that when people of diverse backgrounds come together for a common good, divisive differences become less important.

Message from Fuller Center President David Snell:

This movement is powerful. This movement is God’s love expressed tangibly through providing opportunities for everyone to live in a decent, affordable home. This movement is building partnerships, relationships and peace around the world. All gifts–even gifts as small as the widow’s mite–are important and helpful.

None of this would be possible without the support of friends like you. I invite you to be a bigger part of making GOOD NEWS happen. We need your prayers, your skills and your financial support. Thank you for your much-needed support.

Wishing you much joy during this season of giving,

David Snell

Here’s how your gift helps

$20 buys a mailbox
$75 covers enough nails to build an entire house
$250 is the price of an exterior door
$3,000 is the cost of a home in Haiti

Make a special gift to our work today. (Your gift–-large or small-–is VERY important to this work.)

“We have the know-how
in the world to house everyone.
We have the resources
in the world to house everyone.
All that’s lacking is the WILL to do it.”
–Millard Fuller

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