God is Good!

By Sarah Robbins
2012 Bicycle Adventurer

Hello blog readers! This is Sarah Robbins bringing you the day’s happenings during our trek from Reseda, CA to Huntington Beach, CA. The first thing that should be said is that God is incredible and he showed His great love for us today.

The ride began with a nice climb up a small mountain; we were traveling back towards the coast and had to pass over this to get back to the beach. It was a nice climb to wake us up this morning and we were quite excited to start descending. It just so happens that I was riding with Luke and Jason and watched as these seasoned riders began zooming down curves of the mountain, as I clenched my brakes to avoid the curves and the cars behind me (I just got into bike riding in April!). It sure was busy on that road for the early morning and I didn’t trust myself to go fast around the sharp turns.

After a few minutes of descending, I came around a sharp curve and suddenly my heart stopped. There was Jason sitting on the side of the road, groaning in pain and holding his head as blood was streaming down his face. As I grew closer I could see that he had hit his knee and had an abrasion straight down to the tendon. Suddenly the world stopped and all I could think about and focus on was helping my friend. Looking back on that situation I know that the Holy Spirit just took over. I could feel Him working through me, guiding me in my thoughts and actions. He calmed my nerves and I was able to think clearly in order to assess the situation, call and communicate with the 911 operators, find things to apply pressure to his head, and find out how he was feeling, as well as information pertaining to his accident.

Another reason why God is so amazing…despite Jason’s gnarly cut (which got stitches that will make him look super tough!) and his pretty intense knee wound, he was completely fine! He never lost consciousness, had no broken bones, didn’t get hit by a car, had no concussion, etc….etc. He had been going at least 30mph down the hill and there were a ton of cars passing by, but after he had hit the rock/gravel and lost control of his bike, he fell away from traffic, had his helmet absorb most of the road and ended up with just an abrasion on his knee! It is so clear how much God has been protecting all of us during this entire trip and I can’t even begin to express my thanks to Him for his protection over Jason and for his protection over us all during this trip!

Another thing I’ve realized and been extremely thankful for is how much we as a group have become a family. During this incident everyone gathered together to support each other and you could just feel the love all around. It has been such a blessing to grow with people who have a passion for helping others and for serving God!

So today definitely had its ups and downs (the ride ended beautifully and it was a beautiful day) and the overall journey has been that much more awesome!

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  • So scary! So thankful that the injuries were not TOO HORRIBLE! I recently had a head wound, and yes, the blood can really pour. Sending best wishes and lots of prayers …


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