Global Builders Volunteer Conduct Covenant

Since each volunteer affects (1) the experience of their whole team, (2) future teams traveling to the community, and (3) our ability to work effectively in that area for years to come, we require all participants to agree to the following Volunteer Conduct Agreement.

Adhering to these common sense provisions will ensure that you promote safety, positively represent the Fuller Center, and create a successful trip environment for all involved.  Repeated or flagrant failure to do so may result in you and/or your team being asked to leave.


  • I will respect the instructions of Fuller Center staff members or other supervisors.  
  • I will treat all neighbors, homeowners, partner families, volunteers, employees, and visitors to the site with respect and courtesy.  
  • I will treat all people as inherently equal in God-given human dignity and will not practice unjust discrimination of any kind.  
  • I will obey all applicable laws in the country and location where I travel and will not participate in political protests.  
  • I will not use improper and/or threatening language of any kind.  This includes, but is not limited to, profanity, racial slurs, denigrating sexist remarks, insults and sexually explicit or suggestive conversations.
  • I will follow safety instructions on the worksite and while in the country.   
  • I will not participate in horseplay or roughhousing on site.
  • I will help keep the worksite and surrounding areas clean.
  • I will not bring or consume alcohol on the worksite under any circumstances, nor in volunteer host facilities unless expressly permitted by the host. I also will not participate in drunkenness, use of drugs, underage consumption of alcohol, or other illicit behavior.
  • I will be respectful with my use of social media posts. 
  • I will participate in all group activities such as meals, discussions and the work day unless given permission by my Team Leader(s) to do otherwise. 
  • I will not begin any new sexual relationships while participating in the trip — if we don’t sleep together at home, we won’t start now. 
  • I will seek to leave every space in as good or better shape than I found it.
  • I will not give monetary gifts or items of high value directly to partner families, site workers or others, recognizing that such actions have profound impact on our attempts to create a spirit of partnership and on the expectations for future teams. 
  • I will remember that my role is to serve and partner with the community, and bearing that in mind will participate with a flexible and patient attitude as I try to learn more than I teach. 


Following the Volunteer Conduct Agreement will help make your experience with The Fuller Center as successful as possible. Thank you, and we look forward to having you!