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Jim serves as The Fuller Center’s Director of Special Initiatives, where his role focuses on providing increased connectivity among Covenant Partners and coordination for other special projects.

Perfect mission and timing to tackle my "dad bod"

“Is that for real?” I asked aloud to no one in particular as I stood in the middle of our bedroom recently, straining to buckle a hiking pack around my waist.

The last time I had worn this pack was in 2017 on a trip my wife, Kelsey, and I had taken. In those days, apparently, I was a slimmer man — somewhere in the neighborhood of three inches slimmer, to be exact. I was surprised to see the toll the time had taken; my wife just laughed.

Our priorities have shifted over the past few years and our bodies have changed. With three little ones, the reality of “dad bod” is upon me! It’s harder to make time for myself to work out or exercise. Now, it’s an endless stream of projects around the house, playing with the kids, and coaching pee-wee soccer teams, not to mention staying on top of things at work, and finding time to hangout with Kelsey.

Don’t get me wrong:  I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I do not for a second take for granted the blessings of home and family, of home-cooked suppers lovingly prepared by my best friend, and of little feet running and little voices laughing.

But even still, it is part of my responsibility to them, part of my duty, to take care of myself. I cannot let the “dad bod” transformation run unchecked, and if I have a chance to participate in the mission of God at the same time that I practice good stewardship over my own body, how can I afford not to do that? Especially if there’s a chance to use a challenge for mutual encouragement with my wife.

So when we heard about the Global Home Challenge, it seemed like a good fit. The Mission of God as carried forward by The Fuller Center for Housing is obviously way more important than my own quest for a healthier exercise regimen, but it’s a nice touch that the two can complement each other.  We’ve been doing simple rides through our neighborhood and have tried to keep the kids involved too.  

We’re having a good time with the competition aspect of it all between the two of us (I’m winning).  It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone, and it’s a pleasure to do our bit to raise awareness and support in the mission to eliminate poverty housing.

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One Comment

  • Great post … great food for thought … great goal, great cause, too!


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